Diary scraps from Startup Weekend Budapest – Day 2


Saturday work and plenty of interesting things around
Startup Weekend Budapest 2012We arrived to StartupWeekend at breakfast time. At the table was computer with easy to use application StartupFlyer (it’s one of the networking tools which are developed under Colabs, I hope the beta will be available soon because it’s pretty cool networking staff).

After the breakfast Zuzka found interesting things inside her laptop and I enjoyed I wanna party (yeah party staff from yesterday evening) and I hoped that I’d have chosen one for marketing research and scouting in terrain. No, this wasn’t my quest so I helped guys to brainstorm some potential issues with business model and I showed them some competitors and left the team to see the other startups around.

After the lunch we got some time for short presentation of StartupWeekend Bratislava and then there was a presentation of Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle company. He did pretty well and after 3 years of development is his environmental startup on the other side of river than attendees there. They’re recycling old plastics, bags, electronics or other waste and make really usable things like new bags, new boxes or other devices of daily use.

Startup Weekend Budapest 2012I found plenty of nice ideas there. My favorite is mediQR – system for QR code with encrypted info about you and with a service including info about your health. Usage of mediQR codes is in case of emergency. The second one is ZInbox. I’m interested in it because my inbox are really strange, labeled with all colours like rainbow and plenty of folders around. I hope something more usable for communication freaks like me will be developed soon. Also I was interested in impulseUX startup.They’re really interesting party of dev,des and biz guys and they had marketing over the whole venue (their QR code with link to FB page). They gathered 300 likes on FB page. This local marketing stuff is pretty amazing and it’s only one who did it in SWBP properly!

We finished after 9pm and we had enough. Also this day we were lost in Budapest… I wrote Zsolt’s phone number without one num so we had to go back to the office to write it properly. Zuzka is really fast runner so it didn’t take us so much time.