Diary Scraps From Startup Weekend Budapest – Day 3


Sunday and final countdown
Zsolt had some free time so he took breakfast and after that we walked for a short distance to get some coffee (hopefully he delegate some tasks to Peter and he’s not needed at venue from the morning). Also this days we had a lot of topics which all of us were interested in. It’s interesting that one coffee costs around 300 HUF in the center, what’s 1 euro. In Bratislava it’ll cost 1,5 or more… NO f.cking COMMENT!

Startup Weekend Budapest At Colabs we saw awesome marketing of impulseUX all over the space. I took last walk around my favorities and discuss with them some new features. Yeah, they’re going pretty well. Final pitches have started and we`ve seen really cool presentations. We had also some short breaks because some pitches were in Hungarian language. I was surprised, some teams showed MVP in front of the table (for example the winner AgentBird has worked on smartphone app and really interesting finance analyses, but whole pitch was in Hungarian).

Startup Weekend BudapestI was a bit unhappy that my favorite mediQR had a Hungarian pitch, too. But it went really nice. ImpulseUX had a great final pitch. They made Petchakutcha style of presentation and it went fluently. They had the best presentation in my opinion. Also beton has really interesting solution for storing your data inside a beton box. You can build a pyramid with all your data. They start pitch with words “Beton, real anti-cloud solution.”

You can see the whole ranking below in the table.

We met cool people, worked in lean style and saw really fast executions and fluent pitches. I hope next time I’ll understand more of them.
Thanks to all of you guys Zsolt, Peter and Gabor, for a cool weekend with all great startups around!

May the force be with you at all!
Maxo | jedi @swbratislava

Team name Description Final rank

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People’s choice

Discover a brand new real-time location-based social networking app! Share loc-based text, pic or video with anyone who is at the same location as you. Comment on posts on your wall which are about things which got in your way recently. Meet friends on Facebook, meet others here!

impulse UX

Platform for RFID solution projected to gather data about customers to corporate client.


We are working on a new, revolutionary e-mail client which will change the way people use their mailboxes. Zinbox will be a web-based inbox with an innovative zoomable user interface.


Szolgáltatásunk egy olyan univerzális, több iparágra is értelmezhető közösségi felület amely egyesíti a vendéglátóhelyeket a vendégeket és az italgyártókat. Segítségével a szórakozóhelyek és a gyártók megismerhetik és elismerhetik fogyasztóikat, a felhasználók pedig közösen egy új élmény részesei lehetnek: pillanatok alatt megkereshetik az épp az alkalomhoz illő helyet, játékokban, kihívásokban, küldetésekben vehetnek részt egyénileg és csapatban, követhetik fogyasztásukat és szórakozásaik pontos történetét. A vendéglátóhelyek pillanatok alatt indíhtatnak kampányokat, amellyel áthidalhatják a gyengébb estéket, vagy teltházat érhet el egy élőzenést esthez. A italgyártók pedig eddig soha nem látott módon targetálhatják marketing kampányaikat és nyereményjátékaikat.

U’re beautiful

This application is a camera application that helps people to feel better themselves.
It provides a bunch of different text which is connected to beauty, awsomeness or anything which would gives self-confidence. The content is funny and cheers you up. These sentences are shown on the display while we are using the front facing camera to show your face on the screen while the content is there.


The app is always ready to store and show all the details about the customers and products when is needed the most. This intuitive mobile workflow helps you to be more efficient in work, save time and money.


Forget or lose loyalty, reward or membership card and miss out on discounts, gifts and additional services
Wallet is packed with too many cards which might not be used daily
syndication of all cards over the cloud and easy access through the only tool you almost always carry with you, your phone


Bring healthy skin to everyone!
Help contacting experts regularly, easily and cheap.


Providing essential personal and medical data for first responders in case of emergency via QR codes. Microsoft award


Játékos új módja a közösségi ételrendelésnek.


Portal and app style of app, which will find best party suitable for you.