Ideas for tomorrow


Excited about the ideas? Here`s a short list (data from registration, not the final list at all):

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Startup idea

Matej Ocenas

online travel agency bringing people to football games around Europe.

Aleš Nohel

App to minimize food waste.
Space mining.

Marek Novotny

Mobile application, that will join people with car and people without car, travelling in one direction. Application will maximize usage of free seats in cars.

Martin Mazúr

page focused on Motivation; page where you can upload what you would like to achieve in future (car, house, income), track what you already achieved (Steve Jobs – connecting dots), set up goals, eventually to-do list, create and share ideas with your friends (Start up, personal), ask for help at moment when you are stuck (friends via social networks, professionals for startups), receive e-mails to be sure you are on right track (as megamotivator but with your personal content and your own personal story), print motivation wallpapers with your personal content, your targets, dreams, progress, graphs, etc …

Adam Šabla

A tool which helps to show people correct time of worldwide events in their local timezone.

Martin Smolka

ONXPO – web-based platform for hybrid and online events (team: Martin Smolka, Tomáš Bosák, Filip Toška)

Ivan Kopčík

It’s like Nike+ Running, but for drinking.
Fresh product for new world parties. Have fun with your friends, check your drinks, win funny badges and become a star of dashboards!

Peter Marek

Winners of AISEC Symposium 2012 with project “schoole” (thanks Gabo).
The idea is a payment solution for reoccurring events. See you there.

Lukáš Blaho

Startup about payment for courses.

Tomáš Baran

Stanislav Lužbeťák

Goldenfish Lighting is the first personalized lighting solution, because it creates the atmosphere you wish to have in your house. It observes your lifestyle with sensors to adapt to your personality. Whether you lie or move, read or have a dinner, it always gives you a color and intensity you like.
How does it really work? You just replace the old switches you have with beautiful Goldenfish dimmers and add wireless sensors. You live like you lived before setting the intensity and color yourself and after 2 weeks that Goldenfish starts to take care of lighting every day more and more, because it knows your habits better.

Michal Biros

I want to create a feedback application that will be used for collecting users feedbacks about online and offline products. Feedbackers will be able to earn some money, companies will get quality ideas how to make their products more awesome.

Radoslav Čulák

Hi, I am preparing new portal that should manage communication among passengers and transport companies. It should provide many services on one place, many of them no one provides now. It will help friends to travel together (to be informed, schedule, …) by new social features and it will increase competitions among transport companies and their fight for passengers.

Aurel Medvegy

ShoppingCart for online invoicing and getting paid made easy.

Juraj Macák,
Peter Kuljovský

Marketing solutions for companies

Martin Jaššo

Start a game development studio.

Marek Valasik

internet startups, first is targeting students and the second one targets mobile devices and cross-platform development

Peter Holič

We have a startup project with online banking (banking activities) web site with information about every bank account in one place (like,,…).

Jozef Vodicka

Project with codename “Effectively” is going to help employers decrease monthly fee on employees. In a lot of places employees are supposed to be physically present at the working place all the time. Like a seller in shoe shop or candy shop. But during the day, there are many time gaps, where employees are not used. They fill it with “social experience” checking Twitter, Facebook or Pokec…
Let’s build a service, which will give them opportunity to fill time gaps effectively by accomplishing small tasks from companies or people around the world.
Is this sentence spelled correctly? Can you translate it to Japanase?
Does this t-shirt suite me?etc.

Daniel Minarik

Current business environment, especially in retail is very competitive, fast-paced and challenging and right operative, tactical and strategic decisions are key to success. Application RBi is innovative solution, which facilitates these decisions and helps you to optimalize your operations. RBi provable improves key performance indicators like revenues, margin, stock-turn, sell through and optimalize many other aspects like opening hours, shop assistant amount,…

Boris Bucha

Something with photos. 2nd phase. Sell it to biggest social network  network in town.

Anton Andrla, Zoltán Mitlík

Social Network

Pavel Šimon

Alliance of Energy independence – to create community around ideas of micro energy producing – photo-voltaic, photo-thermic, biogas or any small and micro scale alternative and renewables energy producing. To build kind of wikis, how-to’s and e-shop to support community growing.

Matus Slovak

How we can motivate employees at small/medium companies to really love their work? Let’s find out and write some code..

Juraj Kovář

Gamefied task list

Juraj Danko, Adam Okruhlica, Igor Liška

BlameItOnTheFish helps you carry out decisions and relieve stress by letting a real fish decide for you.

Sebastian Kunec

Mobile application warning on police patrols – co-operation with radio stations. Or: funny monsters trousers selling.

Franto Kormanak

Reviewing and annotating music tracks (from Soundcloud, similar sites or your private music tracks) and collaborating with other users. Creates custom player which can play tracks and annotation commands. It can be embeded as custom widget on any sites…

Michal Novoveský

We want to create a web solution for car sharing, where drivers can offer a free place in their car for an previously agreed price with passenger. This solution will also provide mobile application to make communication faster and more mobile.

Tomáš Lehuta

Dragbox – desktop & mobile application for simple and instant exchange of data (clipboard, contacts, etc.) and files (documents, photos, videos, etc.) between desktop computers and mobile devices on multiple platforms that resembles the simplicity of Dropbox file sharing and synchronization

Martin Vavrovic

Task management gamification. Droid wars tug ‘o war (nexus wars)

Radovan Debnár

The Idea is to create a global Phonebook for Smartphones. Everyone has hundreds of contacts in the Smartphone and a lot of them are outdated or with uncomplete details, so we actually don´t know who these people are.
SmartBook allow users to create Phonebook profile that is synchronised by other users based on Phonenumber, which is for everyone unique. The service can use broad audience and we have many benefits against the competition. Join us to bring SmartBook on a global market, we want you 😉

Adam Gala

Webpage like work and travel …

Tomáš Palkovič

I already work on project called It would be great to give it a boost. I also have an idea and prototype for a Facebook app greatly helping funpage owners to encourage fans activity.

Gabor Kocsis

Personalized events mobile app

Lenka Tomanová

Running my eshop

Grigor Ayrumyan is the first and unique product in Slovakia, which offer a simple order system for delivery service in a mobile application vailable for everybody through the device iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch).

Avinash Athavale

To develop an NFC device that can be attached to one’s body (or held in the mouth, etc.) that will allow a smartphone application to do a variety of health or wellness checks e.g. blood pressure, blood alcohol level, pulse rate, temperature, sugar level (for people with diabetes), BMI / body fat, stress level, etc. Note that such applications/devices are already being developed –,

Milos Blasko

Meevl is a platform allowing companies to harness the power of their employees on social networks. Employees are being rewarded for helping to create content on corporate social media sites and for sharing important news on their personal accounts. Companies get access to authentic content, new marketing channel and are able to increase their brand awareness.

Javier Suarez

I have a big idea around an antisocial network for sharing knowledge. I have been working on it for a while but now I would like to look for some partners.

Martin Košdy, Alexander Toth

A tool which helps marketers to show their worldwide readers when events happen in their local time. We call it The Timezoner

Robert Važan

I want to build a company that specializes on creating custom-build Slovak-speaking chatterbots for customers in Slovakia. Bulk of the work is customer-specific knowledge engineering, i.e. collecting facts about customer’s business and transforming them into machine-readable form. I will either develop or buy all the necessary technology & infrastructure shared by all customers in Slovakia.

Adam Had

A small world theory based package delivery system.