Startup Weekend Mixer vol.1


After long winter, everything is blooming and so are Startup Weekends around the world. Our first event in 2013 was a new format called Startup Weekend Mixer. We collaborated with 5 Slovak universities and gave their students a chance to present their school projects and find missing skills for their teams. It all happened one Friday’s afternoon (May 17th) in brand new building of Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, STU.

Even thought students prefer different activities on Fridays (say beer) more than 20 startup enthusiasts gathered and the event could begin. Our facilitator Maxo kicked it off with few words about the agenda and basic rules and then came on stage our mentor Peter Šimun to tell us about first months of his startup Synapso. To get some more motivation, another SW team member Miloš  gave us some tips about idea creation and validation.
Then finally came the time for students to pitch their ideas. The quality of products was really high, check for yourself:
Emotion scanner – using regular webcam attached to your computer, these guys can identify what is your emotinal state in real-time. If you are stressed or sad, software will tell you to take a break or change task.
Ownet – offline internet browser for emerging regions, guys try to add something more into project.
TV Recommendations – thanks to their movie recommendation algorithm, they offer personalized recommendations for TV programs
Speekle – if you have issues with speaking clearly, there is now a new way of speech therapy using webcam and special trainings
Connection Kin – team has technology which can connect all devices at home together. They have good technology but when we finished SWmixer I found out they project in different way (guys you should train a pitch a bit).
Here is short movie from this action (:

And here are some slides from SWmixer night [: