SWB4 memories


10 new startups, brand new venue, open space working desks, awesome prizes for winners, new (and old) mentors, new faces among organizers, beautiful facilitator, sli.do, GoPro cameras, startup coffee shop – these are some of many highlights of 4th Startup Weekend in Bratislava. Let’s jump into the details.

SWB4 banner

10 new startups

It’s all about new ideas and their execution. Read more about what was born at SWB4 on our blog.

SWB4 ideas

Brand new venue

After MatFyz and FEI we have partnered with freshly built Faculty of Informatics and Infotrmation Technologies, STU. Despite little issues with heating we really enjoyed our time there. Sleeping nets FTW : )

Sleeping net

Open space working desks

This time we went open space and it was just fine. Seeing other teams hard at work pushed everyone forward. No one wanted to go to bed first : ) Plus we were lucky to make a deal with local bufet so it stayed opened most of the time.

open space

Awesome prizes for winners

Winning Startup Weekend opens up a lot of opportunities. This year we have prepared spots in 2 co-working spaces for 1st and 2nd place and student incubator for 3rd place. Absolute winner also won a trip to Hub:raum = Telekom’s tech incubator located in Krakow. You can find out more about the prizes in our blog.

SWB4 prizes

New and old mentors

As each year, we lined up awesome mentors to coach our teams. They are always very helpful even if they tell you some bad news. FAIL FAST is the motto of startups. Among new mentors you could talk to  Simona Bubánová from Creative department, Andrej Pančík from Prizeo, Michal Matys from Translata, Jonatanus from Mozgohaus, Markus Rossler from Calmodo and many others. Full list is on our website. Thank you guys, we really appreciated your time with us!

SWB4 mentors

New faces among organizers

People join and leave. This is how it is. Who is new and who is old?


Beautiful facilitator

It is always great to have international event facilitator. And it is even better if it’s a girl!! We loved to have you VICTORIA and hope to see you soon ; )

Victoria Stoyanova


It is one and half year after Sli.do (former Instafeedback) won 2nd Startup Weekend. Now we used their platform during Friday’s initial pitches and final pitches on Sunday. They helped our teams to get feedback from the audience and also to pick “Audience favorite” startup. Good job guys and keep pushing!

SWB4 sli.do final results

GoPro cameras

Just watch this video teaser. More awesomeness coming soon ; )

Startup coffee shop

Our volunteer Jakub wrote nice article about his time during the event and.. You know what? Read it yourself.



If you are looking for more startup atmosphere there is another Startup Weekend happening in Žilina this Friday 29.11.

Our team will be there, what about you?

SWB4 group photo