How to own Friday pitches?


Goal of each Startup Weekend is to create a starting point for successful businesses. From nothing to something in 54 hours. In following lines, we will do our best to prepare you for these intense 2 and half days and increase your chances to succeed.

Friday pitch

It all starts here but it might also end here if you fail to sell your idea to the audience. Everyone has a chance to take a stage and microphone for 60 seconds. No slides. Only 10-12 ideas will make it further. If your idea won’t get enough votes you will join other team and help them over the weekend. Still a great experience but everyone wants to work on their own stuff, right? Here are few tips from organisers.



We all have them. If not, this guy has a nice manual. Too many ideas in your head? Choose the one you are most passionate about : ) We strongly encourage attendees to pitch ideas, not existing businesses or 1+ year old startups. With those you should compete at Startup Awards.

Prepare & practice

Seriously. Reserve some time to prepare what you are going to say during those 60 seconds. It is a short time so focus on most important parts. Make sure everyone will understand what is your idea about. Pitch it to your mother. Iterate until she gets it. 


Whole event will be held in English. We will be little more tolerant on Friday, you can pitch in Slovak if your English sucks. Keep in mind that not everyone will understand you as we will have some international attendees. Final pitches will be in ENGLISH ONLY. No exceptions.

What to focus on?

Let’s say 20 people will pitch on Friday (record is 36). Would you remember what is each idea about? No way!! That’s why you need to be memorable. What has worked before:

  • be funny, but within limits
  • use well known product e.g. we are Facebook for babies
  • wear something memorable, hat or funny T-shirt are good examples
  • put your logo on T-shirt, white T-shirt and marker should help


Rest of the weekend

That’s another story. You could find some hints in these articles:

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Good luck and see you soon :)