Our birthday presents


Interested what we’ve got for our 5th birthday? Here is the list of freshly born startups:

ED 2
We search for a solution to the lack of entrepreneurship education in Slovakia. We do it by developing a board
game where you work on your startup literally from scratch. Project is focused on high school students but the
game will be pretty entertaining for everyone. Let’s teach them working on their ideas funny way.
ED2 team

Our Goal is to eliminate pains that people face when doing online payments. Filling out  billing details, card
number and expiry date takes time, people make mistakes and the website times out. It is a annoying and it does
not feel natural.
Our solution would allow everyone to make any payment on any website simply and securely by placing their
card next to their phone or other device.  It is easy and it feels natural.


Art Zone
There is a large amount of art that stands storage space unused, not getting any views. We plan to make use of
this art by offering it for rental and finding alternative public places to display it, other than galleries.
Over the weekend, we will design a web portal to store a database of artist, their portfolios and offered

Art zone team

Magic Watch
We build virtual assistant on your wrist. “Enhanced Siri” that you can ask for whatever you want, like “Get me a sushi for 5 people” or “Send a taxi to pick me up” and our agents & smart automation will take care of that on your behalf.

Magic watch team

VR Radiology
We are developping VR (virtual reality) app thanks to doctors could see 3D CT / MRI patient’s scan in Oculus /
Samsung GearVR headset, so instead of conventional perception from normal 2D displays, will be able to see
structure in 3D. Subsequently doctors will be able to choose some structure (eg. hardly operable tumors) and
send it to 3D printer for printing.

VR Radiology team

Traffi.co is a mobile application that helps you to make sense out of public transportation.

Traffi.co team

Keep your dear ones forever in your memory. Lifeline is a visually attractive personal biography everyone can
afford. The product is collaborative, where everyone can add their memory via our user friendly facebook-like
interface while still preserving the order and intuitiveness.

Lifeline team

Have you ever used a device of someone else to login to Facebook, Gmail or Dropbox?
And did you ever forgot to logout there?
You would be surprised on how many devices you are still logged in.
We will provide an overview of all that devices and you can easily and safely logout on all of them.

Secure me team

We are tracking your time and give you usefull feedback for your improvement.
We can compare you with your mentor or suggested plan, and we give you real time comments on your activity.

Cloclit team

Skillcraft eliminates boring online courses and empowers coaches & trainers to create gamelike quests with
offline challenges.


Ecosystem for maximizing profits at events.

Evelife team